ou want to be done already and move on to the next thing, and next, and yet another. It takes SO long to wait for people. Why aren’t everyone moving at the same pace? At your pace? Well, because they aren’t you.  

And when you are dealing with children, they are in NO rush to move on to the next thing. They would rather scribble than write, make sound than music, form puddle than brush, wash toys than shower. 
What does a Type A personality, over achieving, checking off tasks parent do? They help. They assist. And they do. Before you are aware of it, you are doing it for them. It is easier to walk yourself than watch someone crawl. 
Then we run into the danger of habit forming – the child is no longer able to do it independently. It’s usually a little more complex than that too. When someone realizes that he/she doesn’t have to put in the full effort and the task is still completed, they won’t try hard enough. Even as adults, if someone runs half the distance on the treadmill for us, would we still sweat as hard to complete the full course? Most likely not. 
As hard as it is to watch a train wreck about to happen, it is beneficial for the child in the long run if we let the movie play out. With a schedule as packed as most working parents that can be extremely challenging. Perhaps leaving more leeway is one way or starting the preparation ahead of time can be helpful. The ultimate reward is, the little clumsy, fumbling, dragging, distracted child one day will form his/her personality and get through the tasks with miraculous expertise. 


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