ay 2 (of detox from gadgets): Reality hasn’t set in yet. It still seems like fun and games – the maddened, over worked dad, trying meagerly to express discomfort on how he is trampled over by Generation Z, which can be overturned anytime with finesse, charm or nagging. There is a lot of mood swings after I get home from work – the pendulum between the hope of getting the iPod touch and TV back and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. What I decide to do is not acknowledge that things are out of the ordinary – no conversation whatsoever about the elephant in the room. 

Instead, I strike up a conversation with his older sister, 13, on how things are in general – who by the way, is not grounded this time around since she is a semi-pro on multitasking – being omnipresent on social media and reality simultaneously, for the good or bad. Some may bring up the fairness in this dealing between siblings as a concern and how outrageous this treatment is towards our prince, who won’t take a shower for five days because he didn’t feel like it. I’d remind them again “what goes around comes around.”

To gain social acceptance and out of sheer boredom, he transforms into chatty catty and talks nonstop with his sister, some of which in monologue form, as she was doing her homework. 

As a response to my non-acknowledgment he tries to turn the table around – by getting overtly affectionate with Ma and by not acknowledging my presence! 

Oh, I’m on to you, buddy. 

Day 3:  As I declared via FaceBook: 

“Displayed creativity in trying to find the hiding spot – ransacked my chest drawer and found a laptop to watch videos by Stampy on Minecraft. Denial is real – when I said he wasn’t supposed to use laptops he said, “this is NOT how ‘grounding’ works!” I repositioned myself calmly, “I don’t need to learn how anything works.” His next move was again excessive display of affection towards Maa to the point where Maa became his advocate!! For example, he came up with a game where Maa can make him do things with kisses. He is trying to dethrone me – effectively.”

He is trying to modify the playing field – anything to make this more favorable to him. He has tried to instill doubt in my head about the process, tried to nonchalantly go by his business without talking about the earlier meltdown that caused him to franctically look for a gadget, he has even hired lawyer to represent himself (aka Ma), by inventing new games on affection to empower the other side of the spectrum who is potentially more powerful than Dad, this Knight who is taking up a new role of being the King – how ridiculous. 

What he fails to see obviously is that this is what the powerless Knight desired all along – human interactions, social games of politics, playing hero vs. villain amoungst siblings, turning a tree branch into Liono’s Sword of Honor, from the Thunder Cats – after all, isn’t that what the Generation X relied on as entertainment with very limited amount of TV shows available? Taking a road trip was exciting enough with no concept of being bored. Watching trees whiz past the window seemed infinitely exciting. 

The prince will eventually win but to see how masterfully he does it, is the key. This is my version of reality TV – take that Gen Z.


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